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Accidents don’t happen. They are caused. Sometimes we are at fault. Sometimes not. Sometimes responsibility for the accident is not clear. In almost every situation legal advice will be required to determine your rights. We, at Romaine Scally and Co Solicitors, have been dealing with accident cases for over a generation, whether they be on the road, in a public place, in the workplace, the school yard, on holiday or in the home. There are no surprises left at Romaine Scally and Co Solicitors when it comes to accidents.

We can give you clear, straightforward advice setting out unambiguously what your rights and obligations are. Where personal injuries follow from the accident, we can pursue a claim for you incorporating a claim not only for pain and suffering but also for loss of earnings, medical expenses, hospital charges and other associated losses.

With years of experience comes knowledge and common sense and we apply both to all our claims keeping clients informed all along the way, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for our clients after what can be a very traumatic time for the injured client. Our aim is to take the stress out of the claim and to allow you, the client, to focus on a speedy recovery in the knowledge that your claim is being professionally handled by a very experienced claims handler.


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